Thursday, March 28, 2013


Tumblr now is my latest most updated blog. I now live there! haha jk. It's where most of my personal, rants etc, all  are updated and all the story is there!

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Blogspot Update!

Lets start the update!
Jogging and the Sunrise. Got the chance to see the beautiful sunrise while jogging!

More about it here!


So I'm a frustrated artist who loves to draw, a lot! Here is my first try of actually drawing some face portraits.
More about my very first "serious" creation of some face portraits here!


Outfit post: Stuck staring right at you

More about this look here! Btw don't forget to hype it at lookbook!


Had a great Dinner date with my favourite buddies at KFC. Our very first dinner date together :>

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Cat Shop: I would like you guys to see and meet our lovable cats :3
How many they are and their names, click here!


Bookworm: My love for books and my recommended and must read books! My personal choice and opinion!


Outfit post: Jaguar

My love for dressing up and looking nice, here! also if you liked my look please do hype, here!


This is my latest drawing for face portraits.

Feeling great cause i know that i did an awesome job here!


Bought some sunnies at SM Department Store for a very friendly price!
Also includes some friendly reminder! :)


Our second dinner date with my favourite buddies again! :)) at Mcdonalds!
Sorry for the blurry friend, cause i was like Hey! ok smile. Then click! haha :))
A very short post, here!


Unleashed my creativity! Made something a little trendy right now!

More about this DIY, here!


Outfit post: Crowning Glory
My newest outfit post :>

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Camouflage and a Pink Collar

We went to Market Market and Boni High and this is what i wear. A sweater in camouflage, a flat red shoes with a pretty bow in front, a 3/4 shorts and some accessories. I love to wear simple outfits, as i said in every outfit post that i have.
I didn't get the chance to have many photos cause it started to rain and my mom has her difficulty taking nice photos. *insert OKAY. meme here* haha

January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!
My first post for this year is our family bonding! We've been out at around 5 pm to Market Market then afterwards went to Bonifacio High Street. Place here in Global City. Just wanted to wander around with my mom, aunt, my niece and nephew. Kids these days are just too energetic and pretty active always.

I actually think this is a nice shot but then i saw the sign, "Caution: Wet Floor". haha

They're just too happy about the fountain in front of the entrance of MM.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Simple and Pretty

Hey Guys! This is what i wear during Christmas day. Simple and Pretty, sometimes i really love to celebrate special occasions in a simple outfit. I actually like to feel comfy and just enjoy the day! A shirt and my DIY Ombre shorts :"> so happy that it came out great!

Monday, December 24, 2012


Our University decided that even if you're only a 2nd year college student, you must take an O-J-T or On the job training at some place. Since I'm already a 2nd year student, I need to find a working place, to actually be an O-J-T trainee.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

My very first outfit post

Bluer than Blue

The graffiti says HI! lol jk
I consider myself as a "fashionista" because i love dressing up. Making outfits from simple to fun. I adore those slim girls and have a very nice height. Because I'm lacked of both. You see I'm a little short and a bit "healthy" haha. But i don't care anymore, because someday i want to become the person that hopefully,  will inspire some of you. It's not the size that can tell whether you're beautiful or not. I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own ways.